Environmentally rated commercial flooring

Carlisle Flooring is consciously taking an active role in minimizing damage to the environment through its day to day activities as an importer and wholesaler. Reusing packaging materials such as original wrapping papers and plastics are a standard procedure and where possible we collect and reuse roll cores and cartons.

Most importantly we have aligned ourselves with quality suppliers who have been proactive in streamlining manufacturing processes with the view to meeting and exceeding the most stringent environmental certifications.

Social and environmental responsibility has been a core value at Forbo for many decades. Environmentally compatible products and state-of-the-art processes ensure that each production stage minimises our environmental impact.

Forbo engage in responsible product sourcing that combines our customers’ preference for quality with care for the environment, carefully selecting suppliers who reflect our environmental and social concerns. They constantly seek to improve the environmental performance of their processes; all of its manufacturing operations are ISO 14001 certified. Raw materials and energy are used efficiently, waste is recycled wherever possible, and emissions are kept to an absolute minimum.

Beaulieu of Australia is the premier producer of environmentally friendly textile floor coverings and leader in Solution Dyed Technology in Australia. In 2003 they established their dynamic new carpet manufacturing facility at Yatala in south east Queensland to capitalise on the latest manufacturing technologies and embrace the environmental expectations of the new century.

The decision to develop a “Worlds Best Practice” carpet manufacturing operation that had little or no dependence on water supply made both commercial and environmental sense.

The commissioning of the latest tufted carpet technology and the elimination of the enormous energy demands of wet processing have reduced energy consumption to less than one third of that used in traditional carpet manufacturing.

As a result of these initiatives Beaulieu of Australia now produces the most comprehensive range of environmentally sustainable carpets in Australia which achieve the certified standards of Ecobiz and CRI Greenlabel

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